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Comedian Jo Koy returned to the Bay Area Friday to receive the key to Daly City. A special ceremony was held to recognize the comedian and celebrate his new film “Easter Sunday Full Movie Free.”

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The movie is set in Daly City and is described as a love letter and celebration of the Filipino-American culture.


The film shows the chaos Jo Koy goes through while meeting with his family for Easter Sunday in Daly City.

“Easter Sunday” was produced by

Steven Spielberg is distributed by Universal Pictures, which is owned by NBC Bay Area parent company Comcast.

The movie hits theaters on Aug. 5.
When Jo Koy was starting out as a stand-up comic, he would spend hours making flyers at

Kinko’s and putting them on car windshields in mall parking lots to hawk his latest gig.

“I used to get in trouble with the security guards,” Koy remembers. “I was the annoying guy who would do anything to promote himself.”

Three decades, three Netflix specials and hundreds of sold-out engagements later, Koy is continuing to hustle as he works to draw attention for “Easter Sunday,”

Universal’s upcoming comedy based on his Filipino American family.

But this time he’s moving far beyond photocopying: At his shows, Koy has been sharing a trailer from “Easter Sunday” and urging audience members to buy

tickets using an interactive QR code displayed on large-format screens that surround the stage.

As an added incentive, Koy has offered fans who purchase tickets the chance to enter a lottery to attend the film’s world premiere.

Given that Koy performs to crowds of 15,000 people, the results have been encouraging,

with as many as one-in-three people engaging with the QR code at some shows.

And the chance to speak to such a captive audience led the film’s backers Universal and Amblin to offer tickets on Fandango six months before the film’s Aug. 5 debut.

It’s the furthest out from a theatrical release the studio ever started selling tickets.

“It was a chance to fish where the fish are,” notes Justin Pertschuk, senior VP of digital marketing at Universal.

And yet, many hospital dramas do not have a single Filipino character.

And of course, what a riotous, gossiping, drinking, eating, fighting, laughing, and ultimately loving Filipino clan this is! Jo Koy and Jay assembled some of the best Fil-Am actors.

Lydia Gaston plays Joe’s mom, Susan. I think Josie Harrison, Jo Koy’s colorful mom in real life,

around whom he concocts his funniest stand-up anecdotes, would approve.

“This is the big screen,

the silver screen. My name is on it. There are billboards everywhere,” Jo Koy said in an interview with NBC Bay Area. “It’s overwhelming.”

Jo Koy admits he still can’t believe he is starring in a movie.

“I’m pinching myself. It took a long time,” he said. “I started in ’89 – there were times when I was like this is never going to happen, but I wasn’t going to quit.”

Easter Sunday is a comedy about a father and son visiting their Filipino family in Daly City for the weekend.

Nearly one in three people living in Daly City identify as Filipino, and it is the first time the area is featured on the big screen.

“I had to shoutout Daly City,” Jo Koy said. “They’re a big reason why I am where I’m at right now.

When you know that the community is supporting you like that,

that was the first thing I said –

I got to let the world know exactly where my people sit the most.'”

Jo Koy last week in return was awarded the key to

Daly City and also given his own day by city and county leaders.

The comedian said there is more to his movie than punchlines – it means representation.

“It was kind of like this investigation if you were trying to get into the entertainment industry and you were Filipino,

and you just want to see your voice be heard,” Jo Koy said.

Jo Koy hopes he is changing the industry by keeping what he calls the door open to tell more culturally-specific stories.

“Easter Sunday” was produced by Steven Spielberg and is distributed by Universal Pictures,

The movie hits theaters on Aug.

A Filipino character in a film or TV show is a rare bird and oftentimes, we have to guess if this peripheral part is Pinoy. The biggest oversight happens in hospital TV dramas.

I’ve written about this again and again – when you walk into a healthcare facility in America,

chances are, you will encounter a Filipino nurse, doctor, lab or X-ray technician, or aide.

The oft-told story,

like the one our kuyas and lolas keep forgetting that they

have already told us a thousand times, but is worth repeating, is that Steven saw Jo Koy in one of his stand-up specials,

Comin’ in Hot. Impressed, the Hollywood titan reached out to the comedian to do a project.

The result is Easter Sunday, a nearly two-hour comedic romp

directed by Jay Chandrasekhar and written by Ken Cheng and Kate Angelo. Jo Koy plays Joe Valencia,

a struggling LA comedian trying to juggle his career,

family (ex-wife and son), and the Filipino side of his family in Northern California.

And “Easter Sunday” benefited from something else. At a time when COVID has led restaurants to

ditch menus in favor of QR codes, people have become more comfortable using the technology.

“I’ve been doing digital marketing for 20 years, and Lord knows we tried to get people to use QR codes, but everything changed with the pandemic,” says Pertschuk.

As for Koy, the comic recognizes that “Easter Sunday” is an opportunity to showcase his community on the big screen, and he’ll stop at nothing to make it a success.

“This is a huge studio shining a light on a culture you know about,” says Koy,

but don’t always see on screen. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and it will be beautiful. And maybe you’ll realize we’re not all that different from you.”

The comedian for the first time is taking his jokes to the big screen with “Easter Sunday.” The movie takes place in Daly City and is

described as a celebration of Filipino-American culture.

“Jo has spent his career building an incredibly loyal audience and we realized we had a chance to mobilize them early to not only drive awareness but also to actually sell tickets,”

says Jon Anderson, senior VP of marketing at Amblin Partners.